A Place Prepared Ebook + Bonuses


A Place Prepared Ebook + Bonuses


Have you ever felt like God hasn't prepared you for the things He's allowed you to experience?  Do you ever wonder if you somehow took a wrong turn on your life's path?


When I was little, I couldn't wait to grow up.  I pictured all the amazing things I'd do as an adult - where I'd live and what kind of family I'd have.

I never envisioned hearing a doctor tell me that my child was so sick he'd be taken by ambulance to the pediatric intensive care unit.  I never thought about not having money to pay the rent.  I never dreamed that my husband would be given a diagnosis so rare that it wasn't curable.

But all that and more has happened.  It caused me to wonder if I'd taken the right path in life.  And it made me question whether or not God could really use it all for His glory and my good.

In "A Place Prepared:  Finding Peace in God's Perfect Plan," I share my story of how the Lord used a variety of hardships to show me that He truly does have my good in mind and that He really had prepared me for everything I've been through. 

I invite you to journey with me through my own struggles and lessons learned in the hopes that you, too, will recognize God's hand on your own life, that you find the assurance that He is working out all things for His glory and your good.

As Christians, we truly do have a place prepared for us.  Grab your own copy of "A Place Prepared."  I can't wait to have you join me!

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Included with the ebook are printable quotes and verse cards.  Bonuses will be emailed after purchase!

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