The "Even If" Planning workbook

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_Even If_ Planning Workbook Shop Image.jpg

The "Even If" Planning workbook


As I worked on my goal-setting resources at the start of the year, I suddenly realized something:

Not all God-given desires transform neatly into God-given goals.

A friend once told me, "we all have an 'even if' situation - those things in life where we must leave it completely in the Lord's hands, where there's nothing we can do on our part aside from constant prayer."

I have a Godly desire just like this.  Perhaps you do, too.

But the question is, how do you work this special desire into your goal-setting when the thing you most long for can't really be a true goal?  To help answer this question, I decided to put together the "Even If" Goal-Setting Workbook.

Designed for those God-given desires that can’t be obtained through dedication or hard work, this unique workbook will help you to keep praying for your specific “even if” situation and provides space for you to document how God is working.

Even if you’re in for the long hall waiting on God’s timing, this special resource will help you remain steadfast, to pray consistently, and to give Him praise for the ways in which He’s at work!

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