31 Attributes of God, Day 1: He Is Awesome

31 Attributes of God, Day 1:  He Is Awesome

Welcome to Day 1 of our 31 Attributes of God series!  If you missed yesterday's introduction, you can find it right here.  Be sure to grab the accompanying free printable here (no email address required!) and join us for today's study!


In my Californian pop-culture environment, I've sadly lost a bit of the weightiness of the word "awesome."  Where I live, the beach is considered awesome, the weather is awesome - almost anything that's even remotely pleasant is considered awesome.

So to say that God is awesome almost seems to imply that He's cool or neat. 

But the true definition of "awesome," according to the online dictionary, helps fill in what my culture is missing:  "extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear."

That's some pretty heavy stuff, isn't it?  

We don't serve a wimpy or neat God; we serve the Mighty Creator and Lord of the Universe Who should instill a healthy fear into our lives!  So often, we want to focus only on His love, mercy, and kindness - all of the attributes that foster comforting feelings.  While those attributes are excellent and worth studying (and yes, we'll cover them this month!), remembering how big and awesome He is, too, is very needed.

Deuteronomy 10:17 puts it well:  "For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome..." (NKJV, emphasis added).

What a privilege it is to serve such an awesome (fear-inspiring) God!

Today's assignment:  Print out the free Attributes sheet here.  Do a search on BibleGateway.com or BlueLetterBible.org today and jot down a few other verses that talk about the awesomeness of God.  How does having a better understanding of God's awesomeness help you in your faith?  Add your answer to your printable.

Tomorrow, we'll focus on God's compassion, another beautiful attribute of our Heavenly Father!

31 Attributes of God, Day 1:  He is Awesome