31 Letters to My Little Princess


Dear Little Princess,

Starting tomorrow, I want to write a letter to you every day about some of the most important things in life.  There is so much more that I want to teach you than can possibly be jotted down in 31 letters, but I hope to include some of the greatest truths here for you to read and reread in the years ahead.  Some of the topics I want to cover are salvation, modesty, God's grace, and life's hardships.  I'll post each day's link onto this landing page so that you can easily access them any time you want to.

More than anything else, I want you to know that as much as I love you, God loves you even more.  He created you for His glory, and everything we do in life should be for His further glory.  Let's learn to honor Him together.

All my love,


Day 1 - I'm Thankful to be Your Mommy

Day 2 - I'm An Imperfect Mommy

Day 3 - Jesus Is Our Perfect Example

Day 4 - You Are Created in God's Image

Day 5 - Protect Your Modesty

Day 6 - Learn to be A Good Friend

Day 7 - Do Hard Things

Day 8 - Don't Forget To Rest

Day 9 - Learn to be A Good Sister

Day 10 - Focus On Inner Beauty

Day 11 - Don't Neglect Your Appearance

Day 12 - Learn to be A Good Steward

Day 13 - Learn to be Discerning

Day 14 - When Daddy Met Mommy (Part 1)

Day 15 - When Daddy Met Mommy (Part 2)

Day 16 - On Choosing A Husband

Day 17 - Children Are A Blessing

Day 18 - Learn to be Flexible

Day 19 - You Can Love Pink When Mommy Loves Purple

Day 20 - Tomorrow Isn't Promised

Day 21 - Learn to Suffer Well

Day 22 - Why God Allows Suffering

Day 23 - Learn to Cook

Day 24 - Learn to Forgive Others

Day 25 - Learn to Forgive Yourself

Day 26 - Develop A Love of Reading

Day 27 - Find A Mentor

Day 28 - Find A Church Home

Day 29 - Learn to be Adventurous

Day 30 - Learn to be Gracious

Day 31 - Conclusion