Day 27: Read Uplifting Blogs

Day 27: read uplifting blogs Here we are at Day 27 of the 31 Days to Hallway Praise challenge!

You may have noticed a theme throughout this challenge:  many of the assignments are to read something.  Whether it's reading the Psalms, reading Revelation, reading missionary stories, reading uplifting books, or today's assignment to read uplifting blogs, that's a lot of reading for anyone!

If you love to read, can read quickly, and have the time to do all that reading, go for it!  If, however, you're feeling a little overwhelmed with all those reading assignments, don't worry.  You can finish one assignment before starting another; you can read little bits of each assignment and finish each one as time permits; or you can pick and choose which ones are going to be the best fit for your interests and lifestyle.  Just do what works best for you!

Today's assignment, reading uplifting blogs, is another of my favorites.  As a blogger myself, even though I'm not a "big" blogger or very well-known, I love reading other blogs for several reasons.  For one, other blogs inspire me.  I often get ideas for my own posts from reading what other bloggers have to say.  For another, I know how much I'm encouraged when people read my blog, so I love returning the favor to other bloggers by reading their posts.  Perhaps you have a list of blogs you subscribe to or that you read regularly.  If you need some suggestions, here are a few that I love:

Faith bloggers:

Finance Bloggers:

Christian Blogging Bloggers:

Some of the great benefits of reading blogs are that the posts are often short; many bloggers use bullets or highlighted points so that readers can quickly can for information; and they can be read from any device with an internet connection.  And if you subscribe to their newsletters, you can have new blog posts deposited right into your inbox - you don't even have to type in a web address.

A note of caution is in order, though - only subscribe to the blogs you most love.  Otherwise, your inbox will be flooded with posts, which can easily lead to overwhelm.  Also, when my inbox is overflowing, I tend not to read anything in it and miss content gems that I could have greatly benefited from.  So, be choosy in what you subscribe to.

While I still love reading physical books in hand, blogs can be a huge blessing for time-crunched people with busy lives. 

Day 27: read uplifting blogs