Day 12: Find Your Paul

Day 12: find your Paul A few years back, a close friend of mine encouraged me to find a Christian mentor, a lady who could be my Titus 2 teacher in both spiritual and domestic matters.  I put off doing it for a while, partly because both my mom and mother-in-law are amazing, Godly ladies who already come alongside me.  But I also hesitated because I was shy, and the thought of asking someone to take time out of her busy schedule to mentor me seemed intimidating.

After more gentle nudging, though, I finally took the plunge and asked a lady at church if she would be willing to meet with me every other week or so.  It turned out that not only was she willing to do it, she was elated about being asked!

For nearly 6 years now, we've gotten together once or twice a month, and I have grown in my faith because of it.  She's willing to ask me hard, challenging questions and to confront me where I'm lacking.  I can ask her questions about concepts that I'm struggling with, and I know she'll give me honest feedback.

Had I never built up the nerve to seek out a Christian mentor, I would have missed out on this incredible opportunity to deepen my walk with the Lord.  Not only that, but she would have also lost the opportunity to minister!

The Apostle Paul was very much a spiritual leader, guide, and mentor to thousands of believers in the early church.  He exhorted, confronted, encouraged, and challenged.  Because of his influence, many churches grew and improved under his ministry.

So today, I'd like to challenge you to find your Paul.

Seek out a mature lady in the Lord who has time and willingness to take you under wing.  Look for someone who will be both honest and uplifting, someone who exemplifies the Biblical qualifications of a mature believer.  Find someone who's in a season of life where she has time to devote to something like this.

You don't need to keep a stringent meeting schedule or have an elaborate Bible study planned.  If both of you feel led to do these things, go for it, but know that this can be a more relaxed thing if that would better suit both your needs.

When I meet with my "Paul" (or, more accurately, my "Paulina"), we don't have a prescribed schedule or to-do list.  We share with one another about our weeks, our schedules, and our families.  She can share what she's learned in her Christian walk, and I can ask for her input on various situations.  She's faithful to give me Biblical answers, and I try to be faithful to implement her suggestions.

I have been so blessed and encouraged since I decided to take the risk and find my Paul.  It is worth the effort of stepping out of your comfort zone to follow the Lord's command of finding a more mature lady in Christ to mentor you. 

Today's action steps:  Ask the Lord to give you wisdom for finding a mature Christian lady who would be willing to mentor you.  Jot down the names two or three ladies you know whom you think might be a good fit.  (Be sure to check with your congregation's pastor to see if the church has any guidelines you need to be aware of; at a church I attended years ago, the pastoral staff arranged all mentoring relationships).  Be bold, and ask the first lady on your list if she'd be interested in taking you under her wing.  If she's not available, ask the next lady.  It might take some time to find your Paul, but finding a Christian mentor is so worth the time involved!

Note:  for some of you, finding a local lady to mentor you might be difficult, especially if you live in a rural area or if you're new to your location.  Another friend of mine who found herself in this situation started listening to a weekly podcast by her favorite Christian author as a means of mentoring.  Alternately, if you have someone in mind who isn't nearby, phone calls, Skype, and email also work well!

Day 12: find your Paul