It's Here: The (FREE!) Waiting Well Planner!

Waiting well planner Do you have a hard time managing your minutes?  I certainly do.  I'll hop onto Face Book "just for a minute," and before I know it, 20 minutes or more have gone by.  When I know I need to leave for an appointment in an hour, I end up wasting most of that hour, knowing that I have to leave soon.  Both of these are prime examples of how poorly I plan my time.

I've long loved the idea of using a planner, but I haven't found one that met my specific needs.  Namely, I needed something that covered homeschooling, business, and homemaking.  More than that, I wanted a daily planner - one that gave me a fresh sheet to use each day instead of one that had the entire week squashed into a page.  But I also needed something simple; I've seen planners that cover so much that I'd get overwhelmed and just give up using it all together.

Since what I was after didn't seem to exist, I decided to create my own!  Had I known how much time and effort I'd need to put into creating even a simple planner, I might never have started this project, but now that it's complete, it feels great to have created something that will be invaluable to me.

And I'm super excited to share the new Waiting Well Planner with you!

This planner is an academic, daily time-block style planner, meaning that it runs August 2016 to July 2017 with daily pages for planning out your schedule by the hour.  Other benefits of the Waiting Well Planner include:

  • Simple:  Keep track of all your basics like goal setting, menu planning, and daily events without getting overwhelmed with unnecessary fluff.
  • Affordable:  It's FREE!  Printing costs are your only investment.
  • Biblical:  Set spiritual growth goals in addition to academic and business goals.  Keep track of weekly Bible verses and hymns to learn.  Jot down daily gratitudes.
  • Versatile:  Print the pages that work for you and skip the ones that don't.  Two options for the daily sheets make this planner easy to tailor to your needs!

If this planner sounds like it would be a blessing to you, it's yours, totally free.  Just fill in the subscription box at the end of this email or the bar at the top of my site, and I'll get it sent right over to you.  It's in a PDF format - all you have to do is print it out.  I've made it as printer-friendly as possible so that you won't spend an arm and a leg on ink.  Pop it into a binder or get it bound at Kinko's, and you'll be set for the year.

Let's make this coming school year our best yet!

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Waiting well planner