3 Ways to Develop A Hunger for Spiritual Growth

Develop a hunger for spiritual growth

Do you crave spiritual growth?  If not, have you ever wondered why you don't or what you can do to foster a hunger for spiritual things?

I have a sneaking suspicion that if we're all honest with ourselves, none of us truly desires spiritual growth as much as we wish we did.  Sure, we want to grow in our faith, and many of us have probably had at least one "aha!" moment while studying Scripture that was thrilling.  But how many of us have an insatiable hunger for spiritual growth where we simply can't get enough of God and His Word?  

If you're like me, wishing you had a greater hunger for spiritual growth, there is hope!  Here are three ways you can develop a growing passion for the things of God.

Pray and ask the Lord to give you a hunger for Him and His Word

The very first place to start when wanting to develop a hunger for spiritual growth is prayer.  Begin asking God to give you a love and a longing for Him and the things that please Him.  We can pray with confidence on this matter, knowing that growing in our faith is something that pleases the Lord and is definitely in His will. 

When we pray and ask the Lord to give us a hunger for His Word, we can pray boldly and frequently.  He will never grow tired of hearing us ask for better understanding of Himself!     

Fellowship with other believers who are spiritually hungry

The Bible commands us to stay in fellowship with other believers (see Hebrews 10:25), and being around someone who is on fire for spiritual things is an excellent way to deepen your spiritual appetite.  

Is there someone in your local church body who is enthusiastic about spiritual concerns?  Do you know another believer who seems to be on fire for the Lord?  If so, seek them out and ask to get together (note that I don't suggest one-on-one meetings between people of the opposite sex unless that other person happens to be your spouse!).  Let their eagerness ignite your own excitement for spiritual growth.

Begin studying God's Word

Even if you don't currently have a hunger for spiritual growth, you can develop one by simply following God's command to study His Word before the desire is there.  Don't wait until you feel excited about Bible study; if you choose to wait until you want to do it, you'll be waiting forever.  Often, it's in obedience to a command that we find motivation and excitement for it, not the other way around.

As believers, we all desire a deeper walk with Christ, at least to some degree.  But we can ignite a true passion for spiritual growth by praying and asking the Lord for a spiritual hunger; we can fellowship with other believers who have a hunger for spiritual things; and we can start studying God's Word.  Each of these things will help spark an ever-growing love for spiritual growth!

Develop a hunger for spiritual growth