Dear Stay-at-Home Mom, You Are Doing Kingdom Work

kingdom work

Have you ever looked around at everyone else and felt as though your life isn't making any impact?  Do you ever feel like no one notices you, or that you need to be making a bigger splash?  Or have you ever wondered whether or not you should have earned that extra degree, made that advancement at work, or taken that other path that once called your name?

In a world where higher education, prestigious jobs, and social positions are greatly valued, it's easy for us to wonder if we should be doing more, involved in more, accomplishing more.  It's incredibly easy for a stay-at-home mom to wonder whether or not she would be accomplishing more if she were to return to work (especially on those days when the kids have squabbled all day long, dinner is late, and she hasn't had a shower in the past three days).

While the Bible teaches us that we need to be doing all for the glory of God and doing our best in everything we do, I think there's something that many of us stay-at-home mamas have forgotten.

So, when you feel unimportant in your current life situation, remember this one thing:

You are doing Kingdom work.

  • When you're drowning in dishes and diapers, remember:  you are doing Kingdom work.
  • When you're making oatmeal for the umpteenth time this week, remember:  you are doing Kingdom work.
  • When you are showing a kindergartner how to tie his shoes (again!!!), remember:  you are doing Kingdom work.
  • When you stay up late with a sick child, remember:  you are doing Kingdom work.

Kingdom work is often unglamorous.  It may be downright disgusting (cue the diaper blowout or the vomiting child).  It may be tedious, boring, or uninspiring.  That's not to say it can't be amazing, fun, and awe-inspiring; sometimes it's that, too!  But all Kingdom work has this trait in common:  it requires faithfulness.

Faithfulness to keep on doing what the Lord has called you to do.  Faithfulness to keep praying over the work God has given you.  Faithfulness to put aside what the world deems worthwhile to follow after things of Eternal value rather than that which offers only Earthly reward.

Kingdom work is hard work.  But dear stay-at-home mom, if the Lord has given you a husband and children to minister to and care for, there is nothing else so worthy of your time than putting them before a job, a degree, or even other ministry opportunities.

It isn't that those other things don't have merit; often, they do.  But it's in the trenches of serving your family first where we really learn what sacrificial love is.  It's where we're most likely to help plant the seeds of the Gospel into our children's hearts (though, of course, it is only the Lord's work that yields the crop).  It's where we're needed most.

Stay-at-home mama, don't overlook the Eternal value of the Kingdom work you're doing right in your own home.  You may not feel accomplished.  Society may not acknowledge your sacrifice and effort.  But all the same, it is Kingdom work even if no one else tells you it is.

Don't give up on the Kingdom work God has entrusted to you.  Be faithful to Him and Him alone.  In Heaven, you'll be glad you did.

kingdom work