New! Free Ebook: Hope for the Hallway

NEW! Free ebook: Hope for the Hallway Do you have a bucket list? I didn't think I did, but last night I realized I do.  A few items on my "to-do" list include:

  • Writing a book (and becoming a published author)
  • Writing a companion guide for my spark plugs' math curriculum (the Life of Fred series is great but seems to be missing a few things)
  • Running a half marathon (a full marathon just seems like too much of a time commitment right now)
  • Traveling outside the United States (my top places to visit include Port Isaac and Ireland)

Well, I'm SUPER excited today, because last night, I finished writing my very first ebook:  Hope for the Hallway!  At just 16 pages (including the title page and table of contents), it's nothing earth-shattering, but I was over the moon at its completion.  And, as a big thank-you to everyone who reads my blog, I'd love to give you a copy of my new book!

Simply sign up using either the "subscribe" bar at the top, the side bar "subscribe" option, or the super-annoying popup that appears shortly after you open my blog page (I've set the parameters so that it'll only show up once a month, so if you've already clicked it closed, just use one of the other options).  Once you've subscribed, I'll automatically send you a welcome email with a pretty pink button at the bottom where you can download Hope for the Hallway.

How cool is that?  (Sorry, I'm still very new to all of this blogging technology, and the fact that I can upload a digital book to my blog, and then attach that book to an email so that my readers can download it, is pretty amazing to me.)

Thank you for being a loyal reader!

Your turn:  If you have a bucket list, what are some of the items on it?  What have you already accomplished?  If you don't have a bucket list, have you ever considered creating one?  Why or why not?

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NEW! Free ebook: Hope for the Hallway