Day 29: Remain Faithful

Day 29: remain faithful Thanks for joining us for Day 29 of the 31 Days to Hallway Praise challenge!

When life is hard, it's easy to get discouraged.  And when you've been in the middle of a very long trial, some times the thought of giving up starts to sound appealing.  After all, if you've been doing all you can to keep your head above water and it feels like the Lord isn't hearing your cries for help, why should you keep on trying to serve Him and please Him?

I don't think anyone would argue that Job went through some of the hardest trials known to man.  From the loss of his children to the loss of support from his wife to the loss of his wealth, Job was hit hard.  But despite his many hallways, he refused to dishonor the Lord.  Instead, he said, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him" (Job 13:15a).

We can follow Job's example to remain faithful no matter what we're facing.

When we are faithful to follow the Lord even when we would rather give up, we set an example for other struggling believers to follow.  We provide an excellent testimony to those who do not yet know the Lord.  We show our children and others who are watching us that God is good.  And our own faith grows as we remain faithful.

Staying faithful to God's Word isn't easy, but He has promised to help us in time of trouble and to equip us for everything He allows in our lives.  Everything we've worked on in this challenge until now has been geared to help us toward today's assignment.

Today, let's choose to remain faithful.

Even though it won't be easy, we have the tools needed.  As Christians, we have the Holy Spirit's help.  We can pray and read God's Word.  We can ask others to pray for us and encourage us.  We can stay faithful in church.  We can sing praises to the Lord.  We can study Bible characters who went through difficulties.  And now, we can make the conscious decision to honor Him no matter how long the hallway stretches before us.

Today's action steps:  Make the commitment to remain faithful to the Lord no matter how long or difficult your situation is.  Ask Godly friends to keep you accountable.  Review the previous recommendations from this challenge as needed.

Day 29: remain faithful