A Christian Blogger's Review of Elite Blog Academy

a Christian blogger's review of Elite Blog Academy

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In February of this year, I took a big risk:  I enrolled in Ruth Soukup's Elite Blog Academy.  While thousands of other bloggers had already gone through the course and loved it, I felt really torn when I first signed up.  After all, it was a lot of money, and the only way I was able to take it was because earlier that same week, we'd gotten back a very unexpected tax return.

Even after we had a plan for paying for the class and staying out of debt, I still wondered whether or not this had been a good investment.  As a Christian, I've been privileged to steward some of God's resources, and I don't want to be wasteful with what is His.

But I talked with Jon about it, shared with him my desire to continue my blogging journey, and explained why I wanted to take this course more than any other (it was specifically geared for bloggers, not business in general; it was less expensive than other courses I'd heard about; and I knew that Ruth really knew her stuff when it comes to blogging).  He supported me in my dreams and surprised me by agreeing that I should enroll, especially given that we had a plan for paying for the class.

So, was Elite Blog Academy worth the investment?


But my reason for being so confident in its merits might surprise you.

You see, I've not yet made back the money I invested.  My blog has earned about $20 total this far, not even enough to cover my annual hosting costs, let alone any class I've paid for.  But I'm perfectly okay with that.  I have some really exciting things planned for the blog in 2017, and I am hopeful that I will begin to see a return on my monetary investment.

However, financial gain isn't my biggest purpose for blogging.  When it comes down to it, I'm much happier hearing that my writing has been encouraging to someone else than I am about earning an income.  And because of Elite Blog Academy, I'm now much better equipped to share hope from God's Word than I was before I took the class.

No, EBA, as it's often referred to, isn't exactly a Christian course, though Ruth Soukup is a believer and many of the students are faith bloggers.  It didn't grow my faith or improve my understanding of the Bible.  But it did teach me all about the nuts and bolts of blogging, how to deliver my message more effectively, and how to grow my platform so that I can reach a wider audience.

EBA also deepened my love of writing and blogging, taught me how to streamline my online efforts, and find balance between family and online life.  Because of these benefits, I'm not worried about blogger burnout or having to give up my passion when life gets difficult.

Just recently, I learned that most blogggers abandon blogging after only a few years, and most blogs that are started are faith blogs.  I personally believe that we need more faith bloggers now than ever before, so it's heartbreaking to hear that so many aren't able to go the distance.  EBA is helping me to keep up the work the Lord has laid on my heart.

We need all hands on deck right now, as my friend Arabah Joy likes to say.  If you're a faith blogger or are interested in becoming one, you might find that Elite Blog Academy is the tool you need to set a firm foundation and equip you for the journey ahead.  EBA can mean the difference between fizzling out after a short time or creating an ongoing ministry platform.

It's definitely a hefty investment, but it's one I feel was extremely worth it.  I'm excited to see where the Lord takes me in my blogging pursuits, and I hope that you'll consider joining me in proclaiming His name with me in the blogging world!

Just a note:  the doors for Elite Blog Academy won't open until next February, when EBA 3.0 will debut.  But I'd encourage you to go ahead and sign up for on the waiting list today so that you'll be sure to know when it becomes available!  Even if you decide not to enroll, the free blogging information Ruth shares with her subscribers is fantastic and will be a huge help in your blogging pursuits.

Let's grow our Christian blogs to the glory of God!

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a Christian blogger's review of Elite Blog Academy