Day 31: Track Your Progress

Day 31: track your progress We've made it!  Today is the last day of our 31 Days to Hallway Praise challenge!

We've looked at many different ways to keep our joy and to praise the Lord during difficult hallways.  I'm sure some of the suggestions were more helpful to you than others, but I do hope you tried most or all of the ideas!  Now that we've made it through this special challenge, it's important to take stock of what worked, what didn't, and what we should keep in our routines.

Today, look back over the challenge and track your progress.

What ideas worked for you?  Which were your favorites?  Which were you able to work into a consistent routine?  What was the most helpful post - the one that made the most impact?  Consider the above questions as you think through this past month.  Not all of the topics are going to fit your hallway and your lifestyle right now, but my hope is that a few of them really made a difference.  Keep those things a regular part of your new routine as you continue through your hallway journey.

For me, consistent prayer (Day 1), reading through Revelation (Day 21), and choosing to wait well (Day 30) made the biggest impact.  Those are things I need to continue doing.  I struggled most with making my bed every morning (Day 4) and cleaning something (Day 15) - no surprise there, given my lack of homemaking skills.  But I think those are very important, so I'm going to keep working at them until they become habits.

Fixing your eyes on Christ (Day 5), reading Revelation (Day 21), remaining faithful (Day 29), and choosing to wait well (Day 30) were my favorite posts to write.  There were many others I enjoyed as well, but I really resonated with those four posts as I typed.

Today's action steps:  Grab a sheet of paper and answer a few questions about the challenge:

  • Which days were most helpful to you in your current journey?
  • Which days were the least helpful?
  • Which suggestions did you not get to that you'd still like to try?
  • Which ideas did you enjoy the most?

Once you have your answers, make a plan to continue doing the things that worked well and the things you still want to try.  Continue working on your daily routines until you can make your favorite action steps a natural part of your day!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for going through this challenge with me.  Thank you for praying for me as I prepared each day's action steps.  Thank you for being faithful readers.  I'd love to know which days were your favorites and why!  Just fill out the comment section for this post and let me know.  I read and respond to every comment I get here on the blog, and it would be such an encouragement to know how you're doing.

Please don't forget to visit the blog even though our challenge is over!  I have lost of new posts and ideas planned, and I'd love for you to continue joining our growing Hallway Community.

Day 31: track your progress