Wash His Feet, Day 28: Write Him A Love Note

Wash His Feet Day 28

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While gift giving may not be my specialty, writing is one of my favorite activities ever. Whether it’s creating a hand-written note or typing out my thoughts here on the blog, I’m happiest when I’m putting down thoughts on (sometimes digital) paper!

Jon and I used to exchange notes in college all the time. And I kept them all! I have three or four shoe boxes full of them. We loved passing notes to one another between classes or via campus mail. It was a simple and fun activity that we could afford.

Sadly, as the busyness of marriage and parenting has encroached on our time, we’ve almost completely abandoned this once-enjoyed expression of affection.

Today, I want to change that! Our assignment is to write him a love note. Make it as mushy or not as your relationship demands (I definitely tend toward the stoic end of things, and it’s perfectly fine if you do, too). Put it where he’ll find it - in his lunch box or affixed to his computer monitor. I’ve stuck them on the steering wheel of our car so that Jon finds them first thing when leaving for work in the morning. It’s a nice start to his often-hectic work day.

One reason I love writing so much is that it gives me time to contemplate my words. I’m terrible at thinking on the spot and often mumble and stumble my way through situations. (Just ask those around me how many times I’ve wished them “good morning” at 7p.m.!) But when I have time to sit and think and write things out, I feel like I’m better able to express myself.

If you struggle with sharing your feelings out loud to your husband, writing them down may be just the thing you need. Another bonus that written love notes provide is that they can be read over and over again. I love that!

Don’t worry if you’re not good with words or if your penmanship isn’t what you wish it were. Don’t try to make it perfect. Even a note with a simple “I love you” scrawled across a piece of paper will work if you can’t manage more than that!

While writing a note to your spouse isn’t a substitute for saying out loud what your husband needs to hear from you, it’s a simple and affordable gesture that can help “wash his feet,” especially if he appreciates words of affirmation in your relationship.

Wash His Feet Day 28