Wash His Feet, Day 1: Thank God for Him

Wash His Feet Day 1

Note: Today’s post is part of the Write 31 Days challenge. You can find the introduction and links to the posts in this series right here.

Truth time: how often do you thank the Lord for your husband? For some of us, thanking God for our spouses comes easily. We’re married to a great guy, who, for the most part, is lovable and easy to get along with. For others, being thankful is a bit more of a challenge. Sadly, it’s often easier to focus on what we don’t appreciate in our spouses than to dwell on the things that we do. But my hope is that this Wash His Feet challenge will help all of us learn to appreciate more the men that God has given us.

Today’s assignment is to thank God for your husband just as he is, without asking the Lord to change anything about him. Sure, your husband may be messy, he may need to get back into shape, or he may need to get rid of an annoying habit, but chances are good that there are a few areas you could improve on as well. The same is true of me, too.

So, whether or not you feel thankful for your husband at the moment, stop and pray and thank the Lord for giving you the husband He has.

In fact, this is something we’re going to do every single day of this challenge. Every morning for the next 31 days, give thanks to God for your spouse. If you need to, go ahead and ask the Lord to give you a thankful heart toward your husband.

I’m normally not a fan of pre-written prayers because I believe we should be praying directly from our own hearts and not just from pre-scripted words that someone else wrote. But if you need some help getting started, here’s a prayer outline you can tailor to fit your specific situation:

“Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for [husband’s name]. Thank you for bringing us together in marriage [number] years ago. Lord, You know that neither of us is perfect, but thank You that You are working in both of our lives, using marriage to refine us and make us more like Christ. Thank You for [husband’s name]’s strengths and abilities. Help us to continue growing in faith, in our love for You, and in our love for one another.

In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Life and marriage might not always be perfect, but let’s thank the Lord together for the husbands He has given us!

Wash His Feet Day 1