Wash His Feet, Day 2: Pray for Him Faithfully

Wash His Feet Day 2

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Welcome back to the Wash His Feet challenge! Yesterday’s post was all about being thankful for your husband. Today’s is similar: pray for him faithfully!

While we’re developing the habit of thanking God for our husbands, we also need to cultivate the custom of praying for them every day. The Lord has laid a tremendous task on our husbands’ shoulders. They are to love their wives as Christ loves His bride (if you’ve ever been tempted to think that husbands have it easy compared to wives’ command to submit, I encourage you to re-evaluate your thinking!); provide for their families; and raise their children in the admonition of the Lord without exasperating them. Those are some very tall orders, and they need prayer to accomplish them!

And those are just general prayers we all should be praying. We can also get really specific in the ways we each pray for our own husbands. We can pray for the following as well:

  • What are your husband’s strengths? Ask the Lord to help him continue honing those.

  • What are his weaknesses? Intercede on his behalf and ask God to strengthen him where he’s weak.

  • Is he struggling with a project at work? Take it to the Lord in prayer.

  • Is he in a good spot with his daily routine? Thank the Lord for it and ask the Holy Spirit to help him continue on doing well.

If you need help remembering to pray each day, I highly recommend Paul Miller’s prayer card method: write your husband’s name on the front side of a blank 3x5 card, and list out your requests for him on the back. Consider including a verse to pray over him each day. Keep the card in a prominent place where you’ll see it every day and be reminded to lift up your husband in prayer.

Spending quality time in deliberate prayer for our husbands is one of the very greatest, most helpful things we can do for them. Chances are good that we won’t be able to help them with difficult work situations, and as Christian women, it’s not our place to be the leader in decision-making (though we certainly can and should offer our thoughts, advice, concerns, and ideas). But praying for them is an amazing way we can serve them, love them, and develop a greater appreciation for them.

If you’re already in the habit of praying for your husband, keep up the good work! Think about ways you can incorporate even more prayer for him. And if this is an area where you’re struggling, the good news is that you can start changing that today, right now.

Let’s see what the Lord does in our husbands’ lives as we commit to pray faithfully for them!

Wash His Feet Day 2