Wash His Feet, Day 3: Prioritize Him

Wash His Feet Day 3

Note: Today’s post is part of the Write 31 Days challenge. You can find the introduction and links to the posts in this series right here.

How important is your husband to you? Do you value him over your girlfriends? Your mother? Your children?

Do your priorities reflect his importance to you? When planning your day, do you deliberately make time for him just as you do your kids and friends?

Our husbands should be the most important person in our lives, second only to Jesus. But far too often, we don’t give them this distinction. If you’re unsure of your husband’s significance to you, ask yourself these questions:

  • When something important in life happens, do I long to tell my husband about it first, or is my first inclination to go tell a close girlfriend?

  • If my husband and mother are at odds, whom do I naturally side with?

  • If both my husband and child need something (assuming it’s not an emergency with the child), which one do I serve first?

Obviously, there will be times when it’s good and right to talk with a girlfriend about something significant, there will be occasions when your mother is right and your husband is wrong, and your child may have an urgent need whereas your husband can wait. But if more often than not you’re turning to other people before you turn to your spouse, this could indicate that you’re not prioritizing him in a healthy way.

It’s true that our children are probably needier than our husbands and will take up the majority of our time. After all, our spouses don’t need us to brush their teeth or find their pajamas! But if we’re so busy serving our littles that we have nothing else left to give our husbands, something’s amiss.

Prioritizing our husbands doesn’t mean we have to spend every waking moment with them or that we can never have a ladies’ night out! But we should be consciously thinking about ways to make sure our spouses know they take precedence over others. Making sure he’s the first to know about something, asking little ones not to interrupt Daddy when he’s speaking, and making room in your schedule to spend time with him on one of his hobbies (if he’s open to your being involved) are just a few examples.

How are you doing with prioritizing your husband? Is this an area where you’re doing well? If so, be sure to share some tips with us in the comments! If not, why don’t you take some time today to brainstorm ideas on how to improve? While change will take time, making small steps will go a long way toward amending the situation.

Wash His Feet Day 3