Wash His Feet, Day 14: Support Him In His Interests

Wash His Feet Day 14

Note: Today’s post is part of the Write 31 Days challenge. You can find the introduction and links to the posts in this series right here.

Does your husband have a talent for something or a hobby he enjoys? Are you actively encouraging him to use his gifts or to pursue his interests? If not, you should be! This is an excellent way to serve him.

Yesterday, we talked about encouraging our husbands. Today’s assignment builds on that framework: support him in his interests.

I have a few things I’m good at and that I enjoy. And while my interests and talents aren’t anything like Jon’s, he still tries to encourage me to pursue mine.

As an example, when a friend was offering to give me a treadle sewing machine that needs to be refurbished, he was thrilled that I wanted to take on the project. He doesn’t sew, but he has refurbished a telescope and a hiking backpack, so he’s even willing to lend me a hand if I need it. I love that about him. And in supporting my interests, he’s also shown me just how important it is to support our husbands in their interests, too.

One of Jon’s greatest pleasures in life is kayak fishing. Even though I don’t really get the excitement of sitting in a small boat in the hot sun for hours while waiting for a rockfish to take your bait, I genuinely support his love of the sport.

For example, if it’s been a few weeks since he was last out on the water, I’ll just ask him if he has any upcoming plans to go out again. I also try not to schedule back-to-back Saturday outings for myself so that he has the opportunity to go fishing on the weekend if he wants to. We’ve also created a category in our budget so that he can keep up with supplies as needed. These are some of the ways I try to support him in his endeavors.

One of the biggest ways I’ve found to support Jon in his fishing endeavors is to go with him and the kids when they go shore fishing. I don’t care for stinky bait and slimy fish. I also don’t love being out in the elements (wind and sun are NOT my friends). But I do love spending time with my family, and I also enjoy reading and photography. So I go with them, bringing along my camera and a good book.

Showing your husband you care by going with him and spending time alongside him on his hobby can be one of the best way you can support him, especially if quality time is important to him.

Maybe your husband enjoys golfing, photography, or competitive swimming. It really doesn’t matter where his interests lie. How have you been supporting him in them? In what ways can you support him even more?

But what if your husband doesn’t have a specific interest or hobby for you to support? Encourage him to develop one! Think over his skill set. What do you think he might enjoy if he had enough time, resources, and support to go out and do it?

Or what if your husband has a hobby or interest that he’s simply not good at? Support him anyway. If it’s something he loves to do, as long as he’s not a danger to himself or others, foster his desire to keep trying. However, I would advise you to give honest feedback if he asks for it. Don’t tell him he’s a phenomenal artist if he’s only an amateur. Tell him you can see improvement (if that’s true), and compliment him on areas where he’s doing well.

Supporting our husbands in their efforts is yet another way we can wash thier feet, so to speak. It can help strengthen our marriage and deepen our friendship with our spouse. It’s a wonderful way to love on the husband God has given us!

Wash His Feet Day 14