Wash His Feet, Day 21: Be Available for Him

Wash His Feet Day 21

Note: Today’s post is part of the Write 31 Days challenge. You can find the introduction and links to the posts in this series right here.

Do you ever feel as though you and your husband have no time to connect with each other? Many wives struggle with this, so if you do, know that you’re not alone!

The reasons for this feeling of disconnectedness are numerous. It could be anything from your husband not needing as much emotional connection to conflicting schedules that don’t provide a lot of breathing room.

Spending time with one another is crucial to the well-being of every marriage, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to make happen! Today, I’d encourage you to be available for him.

Shouldn’t husbands be more willing to make themselves available for us, too? Of course, but since our “Wash His Feet” challenge focuses on our finding small ways to serve our husbands, I’m encouraging all of us to take the first step by deliberately carving out time in our schedules so that we can be available when our spouses are free.

This may take some sacrifice on our parts. It may mean that we say no to a good opportunity so that we’re available for our husbands when they’re home. And it may not be reciprocated. Even so, by making ourselves available, we’re honoring our husbands and showing them respect. We’re prioritizing them, and, ultimately, “washing their feet” by doing so.

As an example, Jon loves coming home to a full house. His least favorite thing at the end of a work day is to come home and find out that the spark plugs and I aren’t around! So, I do my best to schedule our days so that we’re home when he pulls into the driveway in the afternoons. This doesn’t always work out, but more often than not, I’m able to arrange this. And Jon is beyond thankful.

(Note: This is not to say that you should never spend time away from your spouse. A Moms’ Night Out may be exactly what you need for some soul refreshment. I’m referring to making a regular habit of connecting with your husband, not of eliminating time spent with friends.)

How do you make sure you’re available for your husband? I’d love to hear your tips and ideas in the comments. Please feel free to share and inspire us!

Wash His Feet Day 21