Day 14: When Daddy Met Mommy (Part 1)

When daddy met mommy part 1 Dear Little Princess,

Love stories can be lots of fun, so I thought I would share how Daddy and I met.  I was just 16 and Daddy 19 when my family started going to the same church that Daddy’s family attended.  We were both kind of shy and never really said much to one another, but I thought he was awfully cute, and he liked my round face.  (He was a little sad when, after Turbo was born, my face thinned out more.)

Since both of our families had lots of kids and we all liked soccer, we started getting together on Saturday mornings for big scrimmages with one another and with another families from church, too.  Our first family soccer game landed on the day I turned 17, but I wouldn’t let my family tell Daddy’s that it was my birthday.  Daddy ended up having to work, so I didn’t get to see him, but we still had a lot of fun.

After a while, Daddy and I felt more comfortable talking with one another, and when he went away to college, we wrote letters back and forth.  For Christmas just before I turned 18, Daddy gave me a pretty gold chain with a square stone pendant.  I still have it.

I didn’t really want to go to the same college that Daddy was attending because I was worried that people who knew us would think that I’d chosen that college only because of him.  But Grandpa gave me some good advice.  He said not to worry about what other people thought and just to do what was best for me.  (That’s excellent advice for any situation in life, Little Princess.  The only Person whose opinion should matter to you is the Lord’s.)  So, based on that, I did go to school with Daddy and his two older brothers that following Fall.  And guess what?  No one cared or thought anything at all about my going with them.  🙂

Daddy, his brothers, and I did almost everything together at school.  I got to know them really, really well (especially Daddy), and I’m grateful for our years at college, even though there were some really hard times back then, too.  We never really dated and never called one another “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” and I’m glad.  There’s nothing wrong with those terms, but it was just easier for us to develop a healthy friendship by avoiding some of the things we chose to skip.  I’m not saying that you need to do everything exactly as we did, but I definitely believe that if the Lord allows you to marry, you and your future husband should be best friends.

I’ll share more of our story tomorrow!

All my love,


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When daddy met mommy part 1